N-Propyl Acetate
Iso-Propyl Acetate
Ethylene glycol diacetate
Triethylene glycol diacetate
Ethylene glycol diformate
   Yixing Kaixin Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in 1986. With the development of our business and market economy, we reformed and became a joint-stock and cooperation corporation in 1996.  We founded Xiangshui Kaixin Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2004, with an investment of 20 millions; that   laid a good foundation for our further development. At present, we mainly produce Triacetin series and N-Propyl Acetate series, and they are well sold in EU, USA and Southeast Asia, etc.
Our main products are Triacetin, N-Propyl Acetate, Iso-Propyl Acetate, Diacetin, Ethylene glycol diacetate and Triethylene glycol diacetate, and the annual output of Triacetin is about 10,000 tons. Kaixin was the first industrial manufacturer in China for N-Propyl Acetate, and got the import and export license in 2004. Through adopting the leading integration esterification distillation method (all procedures of this method are enclosed and pollution-free), we have realized clean production in daily operation successfully. Our products have successfully obtained the certificates of ISO9001:2000 quality system, ISO14001:2000 EMS, FDA, kosher and Halal, thus they are in accordance with the international standards completely.
Sticking to such guiding ideology of "good management for good profits, leading technology for further development", we are working hard on the establishment of modern management system and development of new products. Following the market demands all around the world, Kaixin is striving for achieving big development in the market.
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